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Michael Fassbender refuses to move to Los Angeles

The actor was born in Germany and raised in Ireland before moving to England, where he has lived for the last 15 years.

Despite his film career taking off with roles in critically acclaimed movies such as Shame and A Dangerous Method, Fassbender is adamant he wants to stay put in the U.K.

He tells Britain’s Elle magazine, “I’ve met some cool people out there who say I haven’t found the right L.A., but I just prefer here. I think L.A. makes you soft – people never get anything done. It’s a city where people give out their business cards. I think London has a sense of humour. I like the parks, I like the mentality here. I like walking. I like the immediacy of the city.”

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Fassbender regularly steps out for a drink in his local pub in the London borough of Hackney, and admits he has yet to be mobbed by fans while out in public.

He adds, “I don’t really get noticed. That part hasn’t really changed. I thought it would in the last few months, but no. I’m not bothered about being famous. That was never the game plan. I wanted to be good – that was the goal.”

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