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Michael Hutchence’s daughter Tiger Lily ‘lost out on millions’ in music rights – report

Michael Hutchence’s daughter Tiger Lily has reportedly missed out on millions of dollars from her late father’s music as song rights were not included in his estate.
The INXS frontman was found dead in a hotel room in Sydney, Australia in 1997 at the age of 37. His death sparked legal battles between Hutchence family members and the rocker’s former lawyer Colin Diamond.
Documents leaked from the law firm Appleby’s, dubbed the ‘Paradise Papers’, show that Diamond controls key parts of Hutchence’s estate, and owns the rights to his music, according to an investigation by reporters at Australia’s ABC News.
They reveal that in 2015 Diamond and music entrepreneur Ron Creevey set up a company called Helipad Plain in the tax haven of Mauritius with the aim of cashing in on the rights to Hutchence’s music.
The leaks also revealed that the song rights were not included as part of the estate as they were owned by Chardonnay Investments, a company which Diamond became the sole owner of after the musician’s death.
“The reason for this is that he was a trusted friend of Michael Hutchence and because of that and the fact that he (MH) had various family issues, he left Colin Diamond to deal with the assets of Chardonnay,” Diamond’s lawyer wrote in an email leaked in the Paradise Papers.
Creevey told ABC News that Diamond had passed some money on to Tiger Lily, but sources told the network the amount concerned was “nothing like” the full value of the song rights – which could run into tens of millions of dollars.
The rocker’s brother Rhett told ABC News his brother wanted 50 per cent of the money from his estate to go to Tiger Lily, with 10 per cent each to his father, mother, sister, brother and partner Paula Yates, who died in 2001.
Representatives for Tiger Lily, who was adopted by her mother’s ex-husband Bob Geldof after Hutchence’s death, did not respond to a request for comment.
Also named in the Paradise Papers are U2 frontman Bono, Madonna and the actress Keira Knightley.
The Guardian revealed Bono’s investment in a Lithuanian shopping mall via a company in Malta, while Madonna is reported to own a share in a medical supplies company. There is no suggestion the stars have broken any laws with their financial dealings.

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