Michael Keaton saved pal’s life with Heimlich maneuver


Michael Keaton once saved a friend from choking by performing the Heimlich maneuver.

The actor and producer is known for his diverse body of film work, including starring roles in Beetlejuice, The Founder, and Birdman, which earned him an Oscar nomination.

But Michael counts one of his greatest achievements as the time when he rushed to the aid of pal Dennis Dugan while at a party, after realizing he was choking on some food.

“We were hanging out at his house and everyone had gone home after this party,” he shared during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday night (07Jun17). “And all of a sudden I look at him and he’s really red in the face, and then he’s kind of getting a shade of blue that was concerning, and he very calmly (pointed to his neck).”

Luckily, Michael remembered what he had previously been told about the Heimlich maneuver, which is a first aid procedure used to treat airway obstructions or choking. Sensing Dennis was in trouble, the star sprang to action and stood behind him to perform the maneuver.

“I thought, ‘Man I hope this works.’ And I did it really hard, because you’re supposed to. And this thing just shot across the room,” he explained.

Thankfully, Dennis was fine after the incident and didn’t require medical attention. But Michael, 65, was surprised by the low-key response he received after saving his friend.

“Nobody said anything,” he laughed, adding that it wasn’t until the next day when Dennis called to thank him that he really thought about his heroics. “The next morning I went, ‘I saved a guy’s life last night,'” he said.

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