Michael Vartan Urges Pregnant Jennifer Garner to Slow Down

Pregnant actress Jennifer Garner is being urged to slow down work on her hit TV
series Alias–by her concerned ex-boyfriend Michael Vartan.

Vartan, who is also Garner‘s co-star on the series, admits that while he’s
thrilled to learn his ex-lover and her husband Ben Affleck will be welcoming
their first child later this year, he’s unsure she should be putting in
such gruelling work hours.

He says, “It’s hard, it’s 14 hours a day, you know? I hope she takes some
time off. She needs to really take care of herself because she’s such a
workaholic. I can just see her working to the very last day saying, ‘No, I
really want to do this.'”

Vartan, who’s remained good friends with Garner, says he is “very excited”
about her pregnancy, adding, “I think it’s fantastic. Very cool.”

French actor Vartan will also play dad to Garner‘s child in a different way –
his secret agent character Michael Vaughn is the on-screen father to Sydney Bristow’s baby-to-be.

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