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Michelle Dockery learned how to ride a horse and shoot for Godless

British actress Michelle Dockery was put through her paces at “cowboy camp” to prepare for her role in new Netflix series Godless.
The Downton Abbey star plays a rancher named Alice in the drama, and she admits learning how to shoot a gun and ride a horse for the role was “intimidating”.
“My heart was racing before the first shot,” she told The Guardian. “I’d never shot a gun before – and they’re heavy! I found myself having to do little rip curls to build my arms up.”
However, she was eager to sign up for the role because she never imagined she would have a chance to star in a western, based in an 1880s town where the men were all killed in a mining accident.
“A western is a sandbox you don’t get to play in very often…,” she continued. “But Godless felt like a story that hadn’t been told before. These towns solely made up of women and children were common in those times.”

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