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Michelle Rodriguez almost quit first Fast & Furious film over ‘slutty’ character

Actress Michelle Rodriguez almost quit the first Fast & Furious movie when she realised her character was “a slut”.
The fiery star admits she didn’t read the script properly before signing on to play Letty in the fast-paced 2001 movie, and was stunned to find out the character wasn’t an angel.
“The girl was a slut,” she tells U.S. TV show The Talk. “I was so overwhelmed by the idea of doing a big action movie with cars and stuff, I didn’t really read through the script and you get to this scene that I’d been arguing with the director about, where the character who is supposed to be with the Vin Diesel character is also with the Paul Walker character in the back of a car for no reason (and) has a sexual event with him.
“I was like, ‘Hmmm, that doesn’t happen in the ghetto! When you’re in the ghetto you’re with the alpha male and if he could beat up the cute guy, you don’t touch the cute guy’. So we kinda worked it out.
“You gotta keep it real. That’s millions of people watching you be a slut, that’s not cool.”

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