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Michelle Rodriguez: ‘I really did eat a mouse stewed in urine on survival show’

Actress Michelle Rodriguez has fired back at critics who suggested her 2015 survival special with adventurer Bear Grylls was fake, insisting she really did eat a mouse boiled in her own urine.
The Fast & Furious star was so keen to test her survival skills she told Bear she was game for anything and challenged him to find something she couldn’t or wouldn’t do on his show Running Wild With Bear Grylls.
But fans of the show were far from convinced she actually sampled some bizarre rodent food or parachuted solo into Nevada’s Valley of Fire.
“He (Grylls) kicked me out of a plane… and then he made me eat a mouse with my own urine!” she says, insisting everything you see on the show was for real. “I was like, ‘Why didn’t you pick the cactus?’; now I’m vegan… It did not taste good. I was doing a metal detox as well.”
The actress even surprised the British survival expert with her willingness to try anything and tackle every challenge he threw at her.
“He thought that it was, like, just a show and that I wouldn’t do it (eat the mouse), but I wanted to really know what it’s like to survive in the wild so I did do it and he was surprised… He ate it too.”
Bear suggested they stew the dead mouse in Michelle’s pee when they ran out of water during the film shoot, stating, “I’ve done it a few times in the name of survival and it’s never been a fun experience.”
Michelle joked the mouse tasted “like chicken”, adding, “I’m kinda happy it’s my p**s and not yours.”

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