Mick Fleetwood regrets Fleetwood Mac’s headline-grabbing dramas

Mick Fleetwood would keep his band’s personal dramas out of the headlines if he could go back in time.
In a new interview, the Fleetwood Mac drummer and founder admits he regrets the fact the bandmates’ bust-ups and romances became public, because the stories overshadowed their music.
“There’s no doubt those were hard-lived days,” he tells The Sun. “For a while, within Fleetwood Mac, there were romances and that lifestyle… and the other stuff got forgotten – and we really asked for that trouble. We were too open about who we were and what we were doing – probably very naive.
“All anyone ever asked about was, ‘Who is sleeping with who?’ or ‘Who is angry with who?’ And you start to feel it’s a shame. Now they intelligently talk about what we did musically. That’s important to us. We never wanted to make fools of ourselves too many times.”