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Mick Foley: ‘Dwayne Johnson would make a great president’

Dwayne Johnson’s former wrestling buddy Mick Foley has thrown his full support behind the action man’s political aspirations, declaring The Rock would make a “great” U.S. President.
The Furious 7 star recently told GQ magazine he is now getting serious about a White House run because he believes he has the poise and leadership skills required for the nation’s top job – and Johnson already has the backing of his old pal Foley.
“I think he’d make a great candidate. He’d have my vote, for sure,” the 51-year-old told TMZ Sports. “He’s a young enough man that he could do one term or two terms and still get leading man roles in Hollywood.”
Foley went on to highlight the positives of a political campaign by a star so well loved by people across the country.
“I think The Rock has the potential to unite this country in a very real way,” he continued. “I think he should run as an independent and make it clear that he wants to work with everyone. He is a guy who cuts across party lines. I think people are colourblind when it comes to The Rock. They don’t see colour, they just see this amazing individual, and I think he can bring people together.”
And if Johnson decides to challenge current leader Donald Trump for the job in 2020, Foley believes the 45-year-old would easily beat the Republican in a debate.
“The other candidates (for the 2016 Republican nomination) were really out of their league when it comes to Trump,” he shared. “But The Rock is in a league all of his own. I think his grasp on the issues is far better than our current president’s, I think he takes great pride in being as prepared as possible. I think they’d be great debates, I think they’d be amazing campaign appearances. I think the idea that someone else was outdrawing the president at campaign stops would rankle him (Trump) to no end. I think it’d really hurt his ego.”
Concluding his high praise for Johnson, Foley added, “The world is his oyster, it really is. It’s up to him when and if he decides to shuck it, so to speak. So yeah, if he wants to be president, we will see a President Johnson.”

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