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Miguel pushes back wedding to finish album

R&B star Miguel has postponed his wedding to focus on completing his upcoming album, War & Leisure.
The Adorn hitmaker announced his engagement to longtime girlfriend Nazanin Mandi in January, 2016, after dating her on and off for over a decade.
They started to make plans for their big day, but when Miguel realised he couldn’t juggle both writing and recording new music with seating and flower arrangements surrounding their nuptials, he and Nazanin agreed it would be best to put the wedding on hold.
It wasn’t a tough choice for his fiancee to make, as she has also been busy filming new U.S. reality show The Platinum Life, which also features rapper Nelly and singer Ne-Yo’s significant others.
“We always make sure we’re on the same page,” Miguel tells Billboard about his decision to stall the wedding.
However, the singer admits his romance with Nazanin hasn’t always been a smooth ride: “I was young, making dumb mistakes,” he says. “But we always had a very strong connection, and that always brought us back.
“I’m glad we took the time we needed to figure it out. I can’t f**k it up now.”
Miguel previously claimed he was going to leave Nazanin to plan their perfect day by herself, although it seems she has since asked for his input on certain aspects of their nuptials.
“I’m not getting involved in wedding plans – I’m going to leave that all to her,” he said during an interview on America’s The Late Late Show with James Corden shortly after they became engaged. “I think it’s really a woman’s thing… I know that she’s been wanting to be married and she had this idea of what it’s supposed to be and I don’t want to taint that, I don’t want to mess it up, because that’s all we do pretty much is mess up our women’s dreams. So I’m not going to start off on the wrong foot.”
Miguel has not revealed when they now plan to tie the knot, but his War & Leisure album is due for release next month (Dec17).

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