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Mike Posner spent a week of isolation in remote cabin

Popstar Mike Posner spent a week living in total isolation from the outside world in a Colorado cabin owned by Buddhist monks.
The I Took A Pill in Ibiza singer, 29, travelled to the Tara Mandala Buddhist Monastery in Pagosa Springs, a retreat deep in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.
After meeting the monks, he went to stay in a cabin on the property with no electricity, and no running water and challenged himself to do nothing except meditate and find out what happened when he cleared his mind of distractions.
The star recently returned and revealed the experience in his contemplative podcast, What Does This All Mean?
Speaking in a calm, controlled, and deliberate manner, he detailed what he had learned – and said he realised that many of the tasks and goals he fretted over as important were really distractions he created to keep himself busy.
He explained, “How much of the time am I just creating tasks to feel busy, to feel productive? How many of my goals do I actually care about? If I visualize being at the end of my life, would this thing that I’m working on so hard right now, would I care about it? Would I even remember it?”
Towards the end of the one and a half hour podcast, he detailed his conclusion – which was that he had made plans, like one to tour the U.S. on foot, that were foolish as he didn’t actually think he’d enjoy carrying them out.
He added, “The breakthrough that I had during this week of solitude was a realisation that some of the goals that I had planned for the future fell into the category that I talked about earlier, which was, that I didn’t actually want to do them, I just wanted to be someone who could say I had done them.”

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