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Mila Kunis always apologises to kids for overreacting

Mila Kunis makes a point to apologise to her children whenever she overreacts to a situation because she wants them to know mum is far from perfect.
The Black Swan star shares three-year-old daughter Wyatt and 11-month-old son Dimitri with her husband Ashton Kutcher, and although the actress refuses to feel guilty over tough parenting decisions, there are specific occasions when she finds herself voluntarily explaining her actions – even if her kids have no idea why.
“The only thing I’ve ever felt guilty about, and I actually apologised to my three-year-old, is when I overreact,” she tells People magazine.
“I absolutely apologise to her. Even from a point when she didn’t understand that I was apologising, I would be like, ‘I’m really sorry. Mummy didn’t handle that situation very well.'”
Mila admits she has always had a “short fuse”, but she’s working on her patience and is starting to find other ways to handle difficult situations.
“I’ll walk away, and I’ll come back, and I’ll sit (Wyatt) down and I’m like, ‘I’m really sorry. Mommy overreacted. Do you forgive me?’,” she explains. “And she’s like, ‘Yeah, I forgive you.’ Whether she understands what just happened or not, I want her to know that I’m as flawed as she is.”

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