Mila Kunis recalls details of disastrous honeymoon trip


Mila Kunis has shared some of the details of her disastrous honeymoon trip with Ashton Kutcher.

The Bad Moms actress began dating her former That ’70s Show co-star in 2012, with the couple welcoming daughter Wyatt in 2014 and marrying the following year.

While Mila and Ashton have quite the fairy tale romance, she explained during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night (30Jul18) that their honeymoon wasn’t very glamorous and involved a recreational vehicle (RV) trip with her first baby, who was then aged 10 months, as well as her husband’s parents.

“If you’ve ever seen the National Lampoon movies, our honeymoon was like a real-life National Lampoon’s honeymoon. I’m not exaggerating,” she said. “We also went honeymooning with my in-laws.”

Mila then went on to recall how she had purchased Ashton an RV voucher for his birthday and they ended up hiring a “tin can on wheels”, while the rest of the family were in the “Taj Mahal of RVs”.
“Eight hours into our trip, our air conditioner breaks in Bakersfield (California) in 110-degree (43 degrees Celsius) weather – the whole thing went, ‘Pop!’ And I was like, ‘What’s that sound?’ Ashton goes: ‘Oh no.'”

The trip then went from bad to worse when the Apple Maps directed them onto a fire road instead of a regular highway, leaving them to face a challenging path.

“We all had to jump out of the vehicle and walk for, like, three miles while my father-in-law drove the van,” the 34-year-old recounted. “And Ashton navigated him over gigantic boulders ’cause there had just been a massive flood.”

To make matters worse, Mila’s mother-in-law used old travel books to locate RV parks and on the final night of their trip they ended up staying near two prisons instead of the picturesque valleys of Napa, California – leading the couple to catch the next flight as soon as possible.

“My husband looks at me and goes, ‘Um, I quit.’ And I was like, ‘Me, too,'” she laughed.