Oh Gawrsh! Minnie Mouse Is Cheating On Mickey & It’s the Disney Version of ‘Lemonade’

This is a sentence you thought you’d never read: Minnie Mouse is apparently cheating on her longtime beau Mickey Mouse.

Ever since Beyoncé alleged in her recently dropped album Lemonade that her and husband Jay-Z suffered through infidelity, we thought we’d heard the worst of Hollywood cheating scandals.

But then with just one picture, the world’s view of one of the most famous Disney couples has been forever changed.


Here’s the rundown: Minnie Mouse “snuggled” with Goofy, one of her boyfriend’s closest friends, and was photographed. Then realizing they’d been caught in a compromising position, Goofy pleaded with Disney World onlookers to keep mum about the affair. But naturally, as it ALWAYS does, Goofy and Minnie’s collective shadiness came to light when it was revealed all along that Mickey was not too far off in the distance, witnessing the ghastly display of disloyalty with his own eyes and mouse ears.

Le gasp!

No official statement from Mickey Mouse has been made; not even so much as a cryptic tweet or Instagram post referencing betrayal.


Minnie Mouse’s camp has declined to comment.

Sources say Goofy is just going about his life as usual, feeding his dog Pluto and bothering his son Maxie at college.

What lesson did we learn from all of this Disney debauchery? First of all, trust no B. Second of all, 2016 truly is the year love died.

What’s your take on all this Minnie/Mickey cheating business? Do you think they’ll heal their relationship? Comment below!