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Mirren had mixed emotions about Red guns

The Oscar winner is fiercely opposed to the use of pistols and rifles outside of the military but had to look good as a retired Black-Ops agent in the film.

So she reluctantly agreed to hit the shooting range and fire off bullets as gun experts showed her how to hold a weapon.

She tells Bust magazine, “The only place a gun has any business is on the battleground and in a soldier’s hands. They’re such cowardly things. It is so serious to cause serious damage without thought or consideration.”

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But, after working with them, Mirren admits she can understand the appeal of guns.

She adds, “They’re very visceral, and not just for men. With them, it’s obvious – the penis, ejaculation! Obviously there’s a connection there to men. But (it happens) when girls have guns too. You just feel fantastic holding it.

“But they’re horribly dangerous, especially the small repeat-firing guns, the mini-machine guns. Terrible.”

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