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Mistaken identities for Belushi and Murray

The funnyman admits he understands when people confuse him for his late brother John, but is baffled how so many folks refer to him as ‘Bill’ after mistaking him for his former Saturday Night Live pal.

Belushi says, “Bill and I are both from Chicago, we were both in Second City (comedy troupe), we both did Saturday Night Live, we’re both big (Chicago) Cubs fans – but I just don’t get it.

“I took my wife to a concert one time… and at the intermission I sat down on a couch in the VIP area and this woman comes up and says, ‘You were so good in Ghostbusters…’ and I go, ‘I was, wasn’t I!’ I said, ‘Did you like me in Meatballs – that was my first movie…’

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“(She said) ‘You’re so funny, can I have you’re autograph?’ ‘Certainly’ – I signed it ‘Bill Murray”.

“I told Bill about this and he gets Belushi all the time – he gets me.”

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