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Moby ‘will never tour again’

Dance legend Moby will “never tour again” for as long as he lives.
The 51-year-old musician is sure to delight fans later this month (Oct16) when he releases his first album in three years, but he is refusing to tour to promote his new offering.
“Most musicians put out a record with the intent of touring and my intention is to never tour again as long as I live because I hate touring,” he tells the BBC.
Moby, real name Richard Melville Hall, admits that part of his aversion to touring is caused by him wanting to play new tracks, while fans want to hear his most famous songs like those from his smash hit 1999 album Play.
“I love playing music but going to the same airports and the same hotels and the law of diminishing returns, as you age you play smaller venues and you try and play new songs but the audience just want to hear the hits which I understand because when I go to see middle-aged musicians, I want to see the hits,” he explains.
However, the musician, who now records under the name Moby & The Pacific Void Choir, has one gig lined up in 2016, as he is scheduled to take to the stage at his own Los Angeles vegan festival, Circle V, on 23 October (16).
Moby & The Pacific Void Choir’s album These Systems Are Failing is released on 14 October (16).

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