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Mohr fractured leg jogging

The 40-year-old funnyman goes on weekly runs with his priest, but in August (10) Mohr pushed himself too hard while pounding the pavement – because he couldn’t keep up with the fit Father.

He explains, “My priest is young, he’s 32, Father Tim… Every Tuesday we exercise, we run steps in Santa Monica (California).

“Father Tim is in super good shape, he just started tearing down Ocean Boulevard. I said, ‘Maybe we should pace ourselves!’ And then maybe about eight minutes went by and I felt where my shin meets my knee – it just felt like I put my leg on backwards – I looked at Father Tim… I said, ‘I can’t jog anymore so I have to go to the hospital, I think I broke my leg…'”

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Doctors treated Mohr’s leg, which he says is doing “better”, but he’s worried about aggravating his injury on the road.

He says, “They told me (to) keep it completely immobile – it’s a stress fracture – and I said, ‘Well, I’m doing stand-up on the road, I gotta fly a lot.’ They said, ‘Don’t get blood clots.'”

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