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Molina a big fan of sophisticated Lautner

The revered actor was impressed with the pin-up’s attitude on the set and he’s convinced he has a very promising future, unlike many of today’s young stars.

Molina tells WENN, “Actors my age, it’s very easy for us to walk away with the idea that these young kids, all they want to do is go to parties, get laid and take drugs – because that’s what we wanted to do when we were that age!

“The truth is 35 years ago the demands on young actors weren’t nearly as thorough as they are now, especially if they’re showing any signs of being successful. The demands on them are huge. Actors my age then would just be asked to turn up. They never asked me to work out and get a cut body, work on my abs.

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“I was impressed with Taylor’s understanding of the game. He shows a sophistication about the industry which I certainly didn’t have when I was younger.”

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