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Monday: ‘Dancing with the Stars’

[IMG:L]Dancing with the Stars — 8/7c on ABC

ABC’s version of American Idol–in the ratings department–returns tonight.

Granted, the title has always been a bit misleading–Dancing with the One-Time Stars would be more appropriate–but that’s a non-issue for fans jonesing for yet another competition-type reality show.

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Dancing, which originated in England (under the title Strictly Come Dancing) and has since been adapted for over 30 countries, has an edge on Idol in that it typically airs twice a year.

Last season’s show saw major drama emerge, including a fainting spell suffered by “Star” Marie Osmond; it ended rather anticlimactically with racecar driver Helio Catroneves winning the competition, but the ratings were nonetheless massive.

Among the contestants this season vying for the title/return to quasi-relevance: Jimmy Kimmel’s buddy/talk-show host Adam Carolla, former movie star Steve Guttenberg, magician/comedian Penn Jillette, Elvis’ widow Priscilla Presley, former tennis champion Monica Seles and, easily, the most famous contestant, American Pie’s Shannon Elizabeth.

Tonight’s sixth-season premiere showcases the guys’ talent–or lack thereof–on the dance floor.

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