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Monday: ‘Dancing with the Stars’

[IMG:L]Dancing with the Stars — 8/7c on ABC

So, America, who will fall this week? No, not pass out!

Last Monday, Dancing with the Stars boasted its most YouTube-able moment ever when “star” Marie Osmond collapsed post-samba. After the impromptu, and fully awkward, commercial break, she was back on her feet and claiming, “I forget to breathe.” The following night she blamed the California wildfires for her collapse–and managed to survive the cut; Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was ousted, leaving him just enough time to recuperate for the NBA season opener Tuesday night!

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And now the show that consistently finishes in the Top Five in the ratings department will likely see a ratings spike in the wake of Faint-Gate, but not only for the “Will Marie remember to breathe?” suspense. Tonight, you see, is group-dance night! Note to the remaining seven: Do what you gotta do to get those votes, but fainting’s already taken.


Inside the Actors Studio: Halle Berry — 8/7c on BRAVO
In this new episode of the sometimes hilarious, sometimes overlong interview fest, host/author/cameo king James Lipton strokes a pregnant Halle Berry’s ego. And it’s about time she be immortalized on Actors Studio for winning an Oscar (Monster’s Ball) AND an Emmy (Introducing Dorothy Dandridge), among other achievements. Seriously, Lipton’s first question should be, “Which curse word comes to mind when you realize that the cast of Law & Order was on our show a year and a half before you?”

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