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Monday: ‘Flavor of Love 3’

[IMG:L]Flavor of Love 3 — 9/8c on VH1

VH1 has become the poster network for reality TV, and it’s thanks in no small part to Flavor Flav, a VH1 vet who has ascended back to near relevance because of the formerly music-exclusive channel.

To its credit, VH1 doesn’t even try to blur the fact that its reality slate is cheeky, guilty-pleasure fare, unlike some other networks out there.

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And tonight the “Celebreality” grows larger, with the third-season premiere of Flavor of Love.

The show, a quasi-spinoff of Flavor Flav’s relationship with Brigitte Nielsen on Strange Love–which was a spinoff of their relationship on The Surreal Life!–is a slight variation on The Bachelor’s concept. That variation is, more or less, the show’s bachelor, Flav.

Flavor Flav was once best known as the flashiest member of rap group Public Enemy, only partly due to the flashy jewelry and teeth that are his trademark. But he–much like Poison front man Bret Michaels, former heartthrob Scott Baio, and the countless other fallen celebs who have become alumni of VH1’s Celebreality–is now arguably better known as a reality TV star than for the former fame that landed him on the channel to begin with!

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