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Moore & Kutcher silence rumours with Israel retreat

Moore and Kutcher’s five-year union has come under the spotlight in recent weeks after America’s Star magazine published a report suggesting Kutcher had been caught cheating.

The actor vehemently denied the allegations and threatened to sue over the lurid claims.

He logged on to Twitter.com last month (Sep10), calling reports he cheated “fiction”, and Moore replied with a supportive statement, blogging, “Excellent point my love!”

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The couple has since put up a united front, making several public appearances together; and now they’ve jetted to Israel to escape the ongoing gossip.

Kutcher logged on to Twitter.com on Saturday night (09Oct10), hours after the couple left from Los Angeles International Airport, writing, “Sharing Love & Light while in Israel.

“Asking 4 the energy 2 forge bonds with our similarities & find compromise in our differences. (sic)”

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