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Morgan Freeman: ‘Get some wheels, get the girl’

Morgan Freeman became a babe magnet when he purchased some wheels.
The acclaimed American actor has been a movie favourite since his breakout role in 1987’s Street Smart, but his career began two decades before that.
Before finding fame and fortune, Morgan was just another struggling actor trying to make his away in Hollywood. His fortunes changed when he got himself a car though, especially when it came to the fairer sex.
“I lived in Los Angeles when I first got out of the military and I spent a year walking,” he told America’s Esquire. “I didn’t have any other way to get anywhere. I didn’t know anyone to speak of. Then I bought a car and suddenly all the women said hello to me. It was a white 1951 Ford convertible. So do not try to live in Los Angeles walking. Get yourself some wheels.”
Morgan shared the most important life lessons he’s learnt with the publication, including that acting should come easily for thespians, and how a career in front of the camera was a “forgone conclusion” for the 78-year-old star.
He also revealed his attitude to work.
“I always thought that career comes first,” he said. “Family is a support mechanism. It doesn’t work the other way around.”
Morgan’s awesome acting skills have landed him an Oscar and two Golden Globes in the past, and his commanding voice is one of the best loved in the industry. Despite many claiming The Shawshank Redemption actor could read the phone book and make it sound interesting, Morgan doesn’t think there’s anything special about his vocal abilities.
“I don’t think my voice is any different from any announcer’s voice,” he smiled. “You learn the rep and the rhythm. The more you use it, the better it is.”

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