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Morrison fans flock to Paris

Every day, fans of the rock and roll band The Doors pay visit to the late singer Jim Morrison’s gravesite at the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. On Tuesday, thousand of fans are expected to turn up at his gravesite to mark the 30th anniversary of his death. Marie Arnal, a spokeswoman with the Paris parks department, which operates the cemetery, told The Associated Press that between 10,000 to 20,000 fans are expected to visit the gravesite. For this date, police will be on the watch to prevent outbreaks and rowdiness that fans have created in the past. In 1991, AP reports, police had to remove fans from the site using tear gas. Five years ago, the cemetery had to close early to the disappointment of many who had planned to pay tribute to late Morrison. “It’s important not to get too excited,” Thierry Bouvier, the cemetery’s director told AP. “We aren’t going to kick out the ones who are just dead drunk.” Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek and band publicist Danny Sugerman will take part in the commemoration in Paris. They plan to show a one-hour special on Morrison, a 1967 video of the song “Break on Through,” and never-before-seen footage to the public. Upon his anniversary date, the speculation of his death, and his removal from Pere Lachaise is always questioned, but cemetery officials said that Morrison is not leaving. According to AP, cemetery officials say that about 1.5 million people pay visit to the cemetery every year.

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