Movie reviews: “Bubble Boy”

Not only is the Immune Deficiency Foundation upset over Disney’s Bubble Boy, so are many film critics. Jami Bernard in the New York Daily News recalls that at a recent press screening “of this utterly offensive black comedy, there were rumbles of dissatisfaction, culminating in one critic’s anguished cry, ‘Is this movie the Devil?'” Stephen Hunter in the Washington Post calls it “the meanest-spirited film ever associated with the Disney hallmark.” Bob Longino in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution adds this bit of vitriol: “It’s a travesty — a sad, badly made, badly written little flick full of outrageously gross gags, insipid jokes and tasteless visual puns.” And Jonathan Foreman in the New York Post comments that the movie “leaves you feeling like you’ve swallowed something rancid.” The movie was particularly hard to swallow for Good Morning America critic Joel Siegel. The ending, he says, is “a kick in the stomach to anyone who’s battling a life-threatening illness.” (Siegel is.)