Movie’s 8 Meanest Onscreen Bullies

ALTBullies have been inspiring movies for years. From the 2001 indie film, Bully, based on actual events to the 2012 documentary of the same name. Picking on people has never been so popular. But not in a good way. Here are our votes for the eight meanest movie bullies of all time.

1. Bobby Kent, Bully

Nick Stahl plays the lead in this true story about a teenage boy whose friends plot his murder as revenge for his abusive ways.

2. Heather Chandler, Heathers

Who wouldn’t want to go to high school with Winona Ryder, Christian Slater, and Shannen Doherty? But not when the school is the one in the 1988 dark comedy, run by a clique spearheaded by the evil and cunning Chandler.

3. Regina George, Mean Girls

Anyone who has seen The Notebook wouldn’t recognize the mean girl ringleader Rachel McAdams plays in the 2004 teen comedy. Even though the target of her childish behavior is Lindsay Lohan’s character, we still can’t approve her vicious tactics.

4. Bif Tannen, Back to the Future

Thomas F. Wilson’s character in the 1985 sci-fi adventure flick was as dumb as he was mean. With lines like, “Why don’t you make like a tree and get outta here,” you can only imagine how mean he was to poor Marty McFly (played by an adorable 24-year-old Michael J. Fox).

5. Chris Hargensen, Carrie

The role Nancy Allen played in the 1976 movie based on the Stephen King novel was only a supporting role, but her bitchiness (and indelible pigs blood stunt) was nothing short of major. Not to mention her teenage angst set the bar for all young beeyotches to come.

6. Steff, Pretty in Pink

If you look up the word jerk in the dictionary, we’re almost certain you’ll find a picture of James Spader’s character from this 1986 teen dramedy. Though maybe he was just acting out in protest of his girlie name?

7. Scut Farkus, A Christmas Story

Who doesn’t remember the line, “You’ll poke your eye out!”? But equally memorable from the 1983 Christmas comedy is the scene in which Ralphie (played by Peter Billingsley) finally snaps on the town bully, Scut Farkus.

8. Johnny Lawrence, The Karate Kid

After seeing the 1984 original, starring a young Ralph Macchio — who is relentlessly tormented William Zabka’s character — everyone was wishing they had taken karate. If only so they could personally kick the Cobra Kai ringleader’s butt. Payback for his penchant for fighting dirty. Thankfully by the end of the movie, we get to enjoy watching Macchio do it himself.

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