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Mulligan lied about job

The Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps star appeared in numerous independent films at the beginning of her career, but was rarely ever recognised in public.

Mulligan found herself in “awkward” situations whenever anyone asked her about her job, so she decided it was easier to lie and say she was at college rather than try to explain why no one had seen her work.

She tells Little White Lies magazine, “I used to tell people that I was a geography student until I was, like, 23, because I’d say actress and they’d be like, ‘Oh, what have you been in?’ And I’d be like, ‘You won’t have seen it’.

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“It was just so awkward and I hate that at Customs (at airports) because I’d say Never Let Me Go (2010 movie), and they’re like, ‘Pfft!’ Because they demand that you tell them because they’re like, ‘Oh, you’re an actress. What have you been in?’ You’re like, ‘You won’t have seen it.’ They say, ‘Go on!’ You say, ‘They’re chick flicks, you really won’t have seen it’. It’s awkward.”

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