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MUSIC NOTES: Pearl Jam Pipes Up

The members of Pearl Jam broke their silence today, slamming the Danish authorities who deemed the band “morally responsible” for the deaths of nine fans during their June 30 concert at the annual Roskilde Festival. “We feel that we are ‘morally responsible’ to bring out the truth with regard to what happened that night,” the band said in a statement.

The rockers said the deaths “cannot be written off entirely as a ‘freak accident’ or ‘bad luck,’ as some have called it,” and asked authorities to investigate security at the festival and other factors in the melee.

The deaths occurred when the mob of fans surged the stage. The concert, in which Pearl Jam was one of many bands that performed, was held in an outdoor venue amid muddy conditions.

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Pearl Jam had been criticized by authorities for continuing to play while fans were being crushed. The band members said that, from their vantage point on stage, they didn’t know what was going on.

“When something this disastrous occurs, when this many lives are lost, it is essential that every aspect be examined thoroughly and from all angles. To date, we don’t feel this has been done,” the grunge rockers said.

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