Naomi Campbell: ‘Don’t diss Ashley Graham’

Naomi Campbell has lashed out at Cheryl Tiegs for commenting on Ashley Graham’s body,
The British model is known for her outspoken nature, which she has now used to defend plus-size fashion star Ashley. Cheryl commented on the curvaceous model’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, revealing she felt putting a plus-size model on the front promoted an unhealthy body image.
Naomi is shocked by Cheryl’s behaviour, and insists beauty isn’t down to size.
“I would never make a comment like that,” Naomi sighed to radio show Sway in the Morning. “I think it’s way too personal. I don’t know what Ashley eats and that’s not necessarily because you’re bigger than me, you’re eating tons of food. I’ve got tons of friends who are bigger.
“It could be a hormone problem. I don’t think Ashley’s big like that. She’s not a beast. I think sometimes our bones are bigger and we’re just built that way. That doesn’t mean we’re fat. I wouldn’t comment on someone’s size. I just think it’s wrong. I think she’s a beautiful woman, regardless what colour or creed. She should be able to model.”
During her appearance, where she promoted her upcoming book The Art of Beauty, Naomi was also quizzed on rumours of a romance between her and Idris Elba. The pair were linked shortly before he split from ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his 23-month-old son Winston, Naiyana Garth, but Naomi laughed off the gossip.
“I don’t know why (people thought we were dating),” she mused. “Because I’ve known Idris for like for 10 to 15 years, 15 years. And when he takes a picture of me on my fashion events for my charity, no problem there.
“All of a sudden, bing-bam-boom, we’re a couple. It’s craziness. I mean we are very good friends. And I’m so happy for all the success he’s having because he’s b***dy brilliant. He deserves it.”