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Naomi Campbell won’t be blackmailed over her past

Naomi Campbell won’t allow people to blackmail her over past incidents of bad behaviour.
The supermodel has been reigning at the top of fashion since the ’90s, but in recent years has also made the move into acting and presenting.
Her rise to the top wasn’t a smooth one though, and Naomi has openly battled with her demons, including anger issues, drugs and alcohol problems. She’s previously entered rehab and completed anger management classes, and won’t let anyone use her past against her.
“(I) took on my s**t and learned from it. I try to move on. But there are certain times when people try to use your past to blackmail you, to benefit them. That s**t I’m not going to allow,” she laid down to The Guardian.
On the subject of her acting career, Naomi is keen for people to know every role she’s landed has been due to her own merits and not just her famous name.
So far, the 47-year-old has had recurring roles in Empire and Star, both the brainchild of Precious director Lee Daniels, as well as a part in American Horror Story.
“Put it this way, everything I’ve had, I’ve worked for. And I will never take the easy way to get anything. So, I’m grateful to Lee (Daniels) – I’m a grafter and I work hard at something for the long term,” she said.
“I don’t believe in things that happen overnight. I’m grateful not to have gotten it all because I think I would have lost it all. I came into everything so young. I’m grateful for the way my path has turned out. And I am very spiritual, I do believe in God, and I thank God every day for my blessings because I know I am blessed.”

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