Naomi Watts sick of pregnancy wheatgrass health kick

Naomi Watts has given up the wheatgrass health kick she adopted when she was pregnant, because it makes her sick just thinking about it.
The Mulholland Drive star guzzled the green health goo when she and ex-partner Liev Schreiber were trying to get pregnant – and she kept knocking it back while she was expecting sons Sasha, 12, and Samuel, 10 – but now she can’t stomach it.
“When I was first trying to get pregnant, I cut out a lot of wheat, sugar and dairy in my diet and I remember drinking tons of wheatgrass juice… I’m done with wheatgrass juice. In fact, it may make me gag just thinking about it.”
But Watts tells Shape magazine she has always been health-conscious when it comes to what she puts in her body.
“I grew up in the 70s, and my mom was a hippie in the day who baked her own bread and made vegetarian dishes, so that’s my comfort food,” she explains. “Superhealthy. It’s what I crave.”