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Natasha Bedingfield lived on $6 a day

Natasha Bedingfield and her family grappled with unsettling financial hardships before the singer rose to stardom, and lived on supermarket scraps.
The Pocketful of Sunshine hitmaker reveals her path to stardom was anything but glamorous, and when she and her family first arrived in the U.K. from New Zealand they were surviving on $6 (GBP4.60).
“My parents left New Zealand with my brother as a baby and they only had $200,” Bedingfield tells U.S. news show Entertainment Tonight. “They were Christian and wanted to help change the world, so they decided to come to London and got involved with a lot of inner-city stuff.”
“Our budget for food was, like, £30 a week and we would go to (supermarkets) Tesco and Sainsbury’s and get stuff as they were throwing it out, when it was discounted,” she added. “My mom was really good at stretching a penny.”
While the 35-year-old is known for her fashion sense and frequently sports designer looks, she and her three siblings Joshua, Nikola and Daniel only had access to second hand clothing growing up.
“We were so uncool,” she explained. “I had plimsolls when they weren’t cool… We would go and get everything second hand, so if I look back on our pictures we look like ’70s kids because we were all wearing flares (trousers) and stuff!”
The international star, who is currently opening for Train on their Play That Song tour, hasn’t forgotten her humble beginnings and she frequently lends her time to charitable causes and works to aid disadvantaged people. She also started the Global Angels Foundation with her mum to assist struggling communities throughout the world.
“We didn’t have much money growing up, but our parents did what they could, so I love to help make a difference if I can,” Bedingfield noted.

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