Neil Patrick Harris fretted as twins made acting debuts

Neil Patrick Harris will think twice about including his twins in one of his TV or film projects after a tense shoot for A Series Of Unfortunate Events.
The actor plays Count Olaf in the Netflix series and when producers suggested his seven-year-old kids, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace, should be part of the drama, he initially thought it would be a great idea.
“I thought, in an Alfred Hitchcock kind of way, it would be cool to have them have a little cameo in the thing,” but Harris found it difficult to focus on his acting while his children needed their dad.
“It was very stressful and quite frankly kids need to be kids,” he tells Access Live, explaining he’d like his children to fight for roles if they’re serious about acting when they get older.
“If they wanted to act I would certainly hope that they would study or train as much as they could and appreciate the relatively constant rejection that comes with that specific line of work,” he explains.