Nelly seeking protective order for financial records in civil lawsuit


Rapper Nelly has reportedly asked a judge to issue a protective order for his financial information in his ongoing civil lawsuit with a woman who claims he raped her.

The Country Grammar hitmaker is currently locked in a legal battle with Monique Greene, who has accused the rapper of forcing himself upon her during an encounter on his tour bus after a gig in Washington – accusations he has vehemently denied.

A criminal case against Nelly, who was arrested in October (17), was dropped in December after Greene declined to testify, but she has since launched her own defamation and sexual assault suits against the star, and he has countersued, claiming that they had sex but that it was consensual.

According to Bossip, Greene is seeking financial, tax, contract, yearly income and business records, but the rapper finds the request “over broad and unduly burdensome”.

Nelly, real name Cornell Haynes Jr., is also reportedly worried his financial information will be leaked to the press and he is asking the judge to limit the amount of evidence Greene can request.

“The discovery requests in this case seek personal contact information and sensitive financial, business and tax materials that implicate the rights of third parties and defendant both,” the legal papers read.

“Defendant requests that this court strictly limit the disclosure of any such materials and to prevent the use of such materials for any purpose other than those strictly necessary for the purposes of this litigation.”

The rapper, who is also being investigated in the U.K. over two other alleged sexual assaults, is also seeking to have the additional allegations dismissed from the case and does not want his girlfriend, Shantel Jackson, to have to testify.