New Kickboxer Star was Living a Dream on Set with Mike Tyson and Jean-Claude Van Damme


Action man Alain Moussi had to keep pinching himself on the set of the new Kickboxer film when he found himself on the set with his heroes Mike Tyson and Jean-Claude Van Damme.

The two heavyweights appear in the new film, Retaliation – the follow-up to last year’s Kickboxer: Vengeance – and there was one day both stars were on set on the same day.

Former stuntman and martial arts expert Moussi, who has replaced Van Damme as Kurt Sloane in the Kickboxer franchise, admits it was a big dream come true for him to shoot fight scenes with the Belgian movie icon and the retired boxing champion.


“Working with Tyson was fantastic,” he tells WENN. “I was watching him in the ring as a kid, so to be on set with him now is pretty incredible. As a lifelong martial artist and fight fan, spending time with Mike, getting some real life stories and chatting about his fights, his preparation, his training… well that’s what I call quite epic.

“On set we had some great moments and an intense fight, where I found out how it feels to be hit by Mike Tyson.”

Alain, who first met his idol Van Damme when he doubled for him in a series of ads, was also thrilled to have his pal on set – and still cannot get used to working with the guy who first inspired him to get involved in martial arts as a kid.


“There was one day in Thailand where Jean-Claude and Tyson were on set at the same time and that was kind of surreal,” Moussi adds. “In moments like that I always take a moment to look around and appreciate that I’m living a dream and it’s totally awesome.

“Working alongside Jean-Claude, especially in Kickboxer is like going full circle. On our first day on set we shot a training sequence where Jean-Claude was kicking to my head… I remember taking a moment and thinking, ‘We’re shooting Kickboxer, I’m starring in it, and Van Damme is kicking at my head… This is so cool!'”

Kickboxer: Retaliation, which also features Christopher Lambert, is released in January (18).