News Roundup: Aug. 13

Top Story

Actor Edward James Olmos was sentenced Friday to spend 20 days behind bars after trespassing on U.S. Navy land on the Puerto Rican Island of Vieques during protests against Navy war games, Reuters reports. The Miami Vice actor was arrested on the Naval bombing range April 28 with environmental attorney Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and New York labor leader Dennis Riviera, who both received 30-day sentences on the same charges. They completed their sentence on Aug. 1. “We need to do this. Puerto Ricans all over the world needs to understand this problem. We need to support Vieques,” Olmos said.


‘N Sync, Destiny’s Child and Britney Spears were among the winners at the Teen Choice Awards, held Sunday at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Ben Affleck, who is currently in treatment for alcohol abuse, came out to receive two awards, including favorite actor, The Associated Press reports. The show will air Aug. 20 on Fox.


The Charlatans UK’s keyboardist Tony Rogers has been diagnosed with testicular cancer. According to BBC News, Rogers has undergone chemotherapy and radiotherapy making his chances of recovery very high, the band said on their official Web site.


Russian director Stanislav Rostotsky, whose films revolve around life in the Soviet Union from World War II until the reforms of the late 1980s and early 1990s, has died of a heart attack at 79, BBC News reports.

In Courts

Garth Hudson, founding member of The Band, has filed for bankruptcy for the third time. The musician, 64, faces foreclosure on his Hudson Valley home in New York, AP reports.

In General

The struggle among SAG and AFTRA ended Friday, with members of both actors unions giving the new film-TV deal a 97 percent endorsement, Reuters reports.

Singer-actress Cher is selling her 14,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom Malibu home for $25 million after she finished building a new home on land that was purchased eight years ago, AP reports. Cher‘s home is on 2.5 acres with a guesthouse, a pool, tennis court and unobstructed coastline view.

Al Pacino and Colin Farrell will star in The Farm, a suspense thriller that revolves around a young CIA operative (Farrell) and his relationship with his doublecrossing mentor (Pacino). Jamie Foley will direct, Reuters reports.

Cary Elwes, from The Princess Bride andShadow of the Vampire, has joined the cast of The X-Files. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Elwes will play FBI assistant director Brad Follmer and the ex-boyfriend of special agent Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish). He will make his first appearance on the show’s ninth-season premiere episode.

The owner of Boston’s Bull & Finch pub, which inspired the television show Cheers, will open a new bar next week that replicates the sitcom’s set, AP reports. The two-story restaurant, which will house Sam Malone’s Red Sox jacket and Cliff’s mail carrier uniform, will open in Faneuil Hall, owner Tom Kershaw said. The interior of the original bar, on Beacon Hill, bears no resemblance to the fictional Cheers bar.

Mexican singer Gloria Tevi has turned down a $40,000 offer by imprisoned Brazilian drug lord Luiz Fernando da Costa has offered to pay $40,000 to Mexican singer Gloria exclusive musical performance. Tevi has been in jail for more than a year as she waits to be transferred to Mexico, where she faces charges of sexual abuse.

Immune Deficiency Foundation member Carol Ann Demaret is campaigning against the release of Bubble Boy, a comedy about a teen-ager confined to live in a plastic bubble to fight an immune system disorder. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Demaret wrote letters accusing Disney of making fun of her son David, who lived that way until his death at the age of 12. Disney execs point out that the film was made by Touchstone, a subsidiary, and that it is the basis for a road-trip comedy and is not meant to portray any real-life person.