Niall Horan calls for end to ‘disgusting’ social media bashing

Pop star Niall Horan has urged social media users to stop posting nasty comments online, insisting cyber-bullying has spiralled out of control.
The One Direction star took to Twitter to air out his thoughts on the hot topic, after tiring of reading about the hateful exchanges that take place online every day.
“The way people talk to eachother (sic) online is disgusting,” he declared. “There’s no way you would ever say half of the stuff you do to someone’s face.Bravery behind the buttons of a phone. It’s a real shame as half the time , you don’t know the person you are talking to . Would anyone agree ?
“People sitting on their phones talking to people they’ve never met from the other side of the world, calling eachother all sorts.”
Niall didn’t reveal what had sparked his outburst, but admitted the rude posts he is sometimes tagged in are just frustrating, because people often judge him or jump to conclusions without knowing anything about his life.
“I even see it when I come online,” he continued. “Because i go on stage , get seen on tv, get papped going for a coffee or whatever . People feel like they know you know and they just don’t.”
He concluded his rant by calling on followers to show more compassion to others in a bid to build a better world.
“Just be nice to everyone and the world will be a much better place and social media is a good start,” the 25 year old added.