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Nicholas Sparks sues insurance company hired for racism case

The Notebook author Nicholas Sparks is suing his insurance company for failing to represent him properly in court.
A lawsuit was brought against Sparks in 2014 by the former principal of a Christian school the writer founded eight years earlier, Saul Hillel Benjamin.
Benjamin claims he was hired to run the Epiphany School for Global Studies in North Carolina but fell out with Sparks when he suggested there should be more African-American students and was allegedly told, “Black students are too poor and can’t do the academic work.”
He further accused the popular writer of anti-Semitism and homophobia.
While that case is still ongoing, The Blast reports Sparks has now lodged his own legal complaint against Selective Insurance Company of the Southeast. The author accuses the company of failing to represent him properly after they only hired one lawyer for himself and his co-defendants in the Benjamin case.
“Because of the differences in the claims against and defence to be asserted by the multiple defendants, in addition to other factors, one lawyer could not properly represent all the defendants, and that Sparks was entitled to his own defence counsel to be paid by Selective,” the lawsuit reads.
Although Sparks did hire his own lawyer, he has not reimbursed for the costs incurred, and is now asking a judge to make Selective pay up, and order that they cover all future legal costs plus damages for their breach.

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