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Nick Cannon: ‘I bought Sports Illustrated for my four-year-old son’

Nick Cannon has been bonding with his four-year-old son Moroccan by buying him the Sports Illustrated magazine.
The 35-year-old presenter is father to Moroccan and his twin sister Monroe with estranged wife Mariah Carey. While he is “on the same page” as his little boy, Nick has less in common with his daughter – especially when she makes recent admissions like the fact that she “was married”.
“My daughter came to me, and I don’t even know if she knew exactly what she was talking about, but the other day she told me she was married and I did not even know how to react,” Nick told E! News.
“My knees just buckled and I was like, ‘You’re married?!’ Luckily, it was a boy that is like my godson and I said, ‘You’re not married to him,’ but I couldn’t even explain it to her because… does that mean you’re attracted to him? Why are you calling this little boy your husband? The boy did not talk to me about this first! He is supposed to come check, and when did the ceremony go down? I was crushed when she said that to me!
“I don’t know what I would say to her, but obviously, my son, that’s easy. I can talk to him. He is enjoying it. I just bought him the Sports Illustrated magazine Sunday. Me and him are on the same page, but my daughter, I don’t even know how I am going to handle it!”
The recently released Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue features stunning models such as Gigi Hadid wearing barely-there swimwear.
Nick and Mariah married in 2008 but announced the end of their relationship in August 2014. Since then, Mariah has gone on to get engaged to billionaire James Packer, while Nick remains single.
He hasn’t resorted to online dating yet, but admits that he may well do in the future – and has even contemplated what his profile on such a site would look like.
“It would be, ‘likable, long walks in the park,’ I don’t even know how to begin with that stuff, but all I know is I would try to be as honest and sincere about that stuff and not expecting anything and not putting too much weight on anything and just looking for someone to enjoy good company,” he said.
Asked about the most important things he looks for in a woman, Nick replied: “Honesty. That’s probably more than anything, honesty. And someone that has a sense of humor. Those are the two things I need.”
Despite no longer being together, Nick and Mariah have focused entirely on their children going forward. In fact, Nick thinks they are actually “better parents” now they aren’t in a couple.
“I think it actually allows us to be better parents, because when it’s that time, we don’t think about ourselves at all,” he said. “We are extremely selfless and make it all about the kids.”

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