Nick Carter: ‘My Baby Son Gives Me Purpose’

Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter keeps his baby son close while on tour to remind him of his new “purpose” in life after overcoming addiction issues.

The Larger Than Life hitmakers are currently in the midst of their Las Vegas concert residency and Carter is thrilled to have his wife Lauren and their son Odin staying with him in the famed gambling mecca.

“He’s (Odin) just a bundle of joy and it melts my heart and gives me purpose and reason to keep on staying healthy, staying motivated and all of those things,” Nick smiles during an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“He’s a really good, solid thing for me to have in my life.”

While Sin City may not be an ideal place to raise a baby, the Carter family is making the most of the residency.

“We’ll walk through a casino with him and it’s an interesting experience. He loves all the lights!” laughs the pop star. “I think it’ll be a cool time for him to look back on one day and remember that he was just a little 10-month-old baby when we started this (residency).”

And Nick doesn’t seem to mind what his son gets up to, which is mostly “playing with toys in his room” these days, so long as he is nearby.

“It’s so good for me to have him out here,” he raves. “When I come home, he’s walking across the floor now. He’s doing this little waddle-type walk and giggling all the time!”

Having been raised by parents who often fought, Nick, who is currently estranged from his mother and father, wants his first kid’s childhood to be one full of joy: “I just want him to have love,” he shares.

“Nothing but love and a solid foundation with his mother and father…, one that he can depend on.”

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