Nick Cave takes aim at Alabama fan over ‘fat lesbians’ remark

Australian rocker Nick Cave blasted a fan during a recent online chat for remarks he found homophobic.
The singer/songwriter posted one question sent in by an Alabama native named George during a Q&A on his website, The Red Hand Files.
The devotee assured Cave he was a big fan of the rocker’s music, but added: “Do you ever get tired of all the pretentious fat lesbians who enjoy your music? Personally I enjoy a lot of your music, but I find most of your fans insufferable. I’m just wondering if you’re on the same page.”
The Red Right Hand singer responded: “Jesus said on the cross, ‘Forgive them for they know not what they do’. George, I think Jesus may have been talking directly to you.”
He then added: “In the interests of free speech, George, I have given you a platform. However, and I am speculating here, I think that probably ninety-nine percent of the people who read your question will think that you are being, well, a bit of an a**hole. I could be wrong. It could be more.
“Now, you may say ‘so what? No one knows who I am. How can this possibly hurt me?’ You may say that. But you would be wrong. I do not believe that your anonymity protects you, any more than I believe the anonymity of the hate trolls on social media protects them. I feel that there are psychic pathways that exist between us all, and that the negativity we create eventually finds its way back to us.”
The rocker concluded: “In this instance, George, it’s not too late for you. If you close your eyes and apologise to my fans, just maybe that negative attention will begin to dissipate. I think my fans are smart enough and sufficiently forgiving to understand that your words extend only to the margins of your own individual evolution.”