Nick Jonas Shares Hilariously ‘Awful’ Jack Black Music Video


Singer/actor Nick Jonas has filmed a “really terrible” but “very funny” music video for an unofficial Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle theme tune he made up with comedian Jack Black.

The two entertainers are co-stars in the new adventure epic, appearing alongside Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, and Karen Gillan, and in between shoots, they created a bizarre song parody, which the funnyman previously teased during a recent appearance on Britain’s The Graham Norton Show.

“There’s a whole song. It’s brilliant,” Nick smiled to People Now, quipping, “It’s my next Golden Globe nomination!”

The pop star also revealed the unlikely duo had filmed an accompanying promo, which he insisted was guaranteed to raise a laugh.

“You can expect some really intense stares at the camera, some really great ballet moves, possibly even me giving him a piggy back ride, and then the whole time, just imminent danger around us, which is just a blue screen with really bad graphics,” Nick said. “It’s awful, I mean, it’s really terrible, but it’s very funny and we had a great time doing it… We just went for it, we really went for it!”

The comedic video, in which Nick and Jack introduce the promo to their co-stars, has since been released online, and indeed features a load of special effects, including wild animals jumping into the frame, fiery explosions, and neon guitar graphics.

However, it was met with mixed reactions from their movie castmates, with Kevin and Karen declaring the footage “s**t”, while Dwayne quietly gave it the thumbs up.

“Listen, I liked it…,” he told the pair after Kevin and Karen walk out in disgust. “It’s got something, yeah!”