Nick Jonas: ‘Streaming services allow me to experiment with my sound’


Nick Jonas credits music streaming services for allowing him to be more creative with his work.
Former Jonas Brothers star Nick has continued to make music after his sibling band called it quits in 2013 and has found solo success with his new musical direction.

Talking at annual creative festival Cannes Lions, Nick was quick to praise platforms like Spotify and Tidal, founded by rapper Jay-Z, for giving artists more freedom.

“At first there was a little fear in this new, very progressive way that people were receiving and listening to music, how it was going to affect us in compensation as artists, as songwriters, as producers but also how it would change the traditional album model,” he told the audience during his speaker session, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

“I can sort of experiment with different things and sort of jump around a bit and be a bit of a scatterbrain creatively, which is exciting. I think this new age in music is something to embrace and it just empowers everybody.”

Nick also revealed he’ll be switching up his sound once more with his next album. The 24-year-old released 2016’s Last Year Was Complicated after he broke up with beauty queen Olivia Culpo, with song Chainsaw among those inspired by his love split.

“I think for the fan experience coming to the shows where the songs are a bit more uptempo and brighter will be better than the breakup album I released last year. It’s time for some positivity, I think,” he smiled.

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