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Nicki Minaj personally approved Cardi B’s addition to Motor Sport track

Nicki Minaj has shut down “conspiracy theories” suggesting hip-hop group Migos blindsided her by recruiting fellow rapper Cardi B to feature on their new song Motor Sport.
The two female artists have repeatedly had to dismiss rumours of a feud since Cardi shot to fame with her hit song Bodak Yellow this summer (17), and Nicki took to Twitter on Tuesday night (31Oct17) to clear up the latest gossip, which alleged the ladies were unaware of the other’s presence on the Migos collaboration.
Explaining how the track came together, Nicki revealed it initially started as a solo record for Migos member Quavo, with the No Frauds star making a guest appearance, before Cardi, who is newly-engaged to Migos rapper Offset, jumped onboard.
“I was on the song w/ (with) Quavo. No one else was on it,” she began. “He called & asked if I think we should put Bardi (Cardi’s nickname) on it, I said ‘ok let’s do it.’ The end. (The other members of) Migos weren’t even on it yet. Just Quavo. The conspiracy theories r (sic) just so tired. Relax. Breathe.”
She added, “Anything w/ (with) my name on it gets approved by me. It can’t even go on a streaming service w/o (without) me hearing it & giving written approval.”
Nicki went on to accuse male critics of trying to stir up trouble between the female rappers, blaming sexism in the hip-hop industry for the continued unfounded rumours.
“These are men in our culture who simply refuse to let it go,” she told fans. “They don’t do this to male M.C.’s…”
She also posted a link to an interview Cardi recently gave to Complex magazine, in which she brands the fake feuds in the media “so annoying”, calling out bloggers for trying to “pin people against each other (sic)”.
“Very true,” Nicki captioned the link, before echoing a comment Cardi made in the chat, adding, “We could make out & it wouldn’t be enough (to stop the feud rumours). I’m done.”

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