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Nicolas Cage staged National Treasure-style hunt for the Holy Grail

Nicolas Cage took inspiration from his hit movie National Treasure by going on his own hunt for the mysterious Holy Grail.
The 55-year-old actor opened up about the quest in an interview with Variety magazine, although didn’t give any indication about when it had taken place.
“I went years where all I was doing was meditating three times a day and reading books on philosophy, not drinking whatsoever,” he explained.
“That was the time when I almost went on – you might call it a grail quest. I started following mythology and I was finding properties that aligned with that. It was almost like National Treasure.”
In 2004 movie National Treasure, Nicolas starred as historian and cryptologist Ben Gates, who steals the Declaration of Independence as he believes it holds clues as to the location of a treasure haul hidden by America’s Founding Fathers.
When the interviewer questioned whether the screen star went on a metaphorical hunt for the Holy Grail or a physical one, the actor was quick to explain he’d actually attempted to track it down.
“It’s like when you build a library. You read a book, and in it there’s a reference to another book, and then you buy that book, and then you attach the references,” he mused. “For me it was all about where was the grail? Is it at Glastonbury? Does it exist?
“If you go to Glastonbury and go to the Chalice Well, there’s a spring that does taste like blood. I guess it’s really because there’s a lot of iron in the water. But legend had it that in that place was a grail chalice, or two cruets rather, one of blood and one of sweat. But that led to there being talk that people had come to Rhode Island, and they were looking for something as well.”
However, Nicolas’ quest was ultimately unsuccessful, and he’s now under the impression that the Holy Grail doesn’t actually exist, but instead is a metaphor for the Earth.

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