Nicolas Cage Voices Support for #MeToo Movement


Nicolas Cage wants to throw his weight behind the #MeToo movement.

The Twitter hashtag #MeToo, and the recent Time’s Up campaign, both support women who have suffered sexual harassment or abuse, and the 54-year-old actor has praised the changes in Hollywood since women have begun speaking out about their experiences.

“(I’ll take) every opportunity I get to work with a female director – one of the best movies I ever made was Valley Girl and I just did a picture called Inconceivable with Maria Pulera and there was a strong female cast,” he told People magazine at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday (19Jan18). “I realize that the talent and creativity needs to be heard and supported and cherished.”

The actor is currently starring in Mandy, which premiered at the festival on Friday.

His comments come after Sundance founder Robert Redford discussed the effects of #MeToo movement.

“From my standpoint, change is inevitable and change is going to come… I’m pretty encouraged right now,” the 81-year-old told a news conference launching his annual Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

“What it’s doing is bringing forth more opportunities for women and more opportunities for women in film to have their own voices heard and do their own projects. I’m pretty excited by that.

“It’s kind of a tipping point because it’s changing the order of things, so women are going to have a stronger voice.”

Redford also hoped that Hollywood could move past the Harvey Weinstein controversy, and called the disgraced movie producer “a moment in time.”

“I think we will move past that,” he added.