Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell’s Sex Scenes Were ‘Very Much Business’


Nicole Kidman and Colin Farrell’s sex scenes in The Killing Of A Sacred Deer were “very much business”.

The pair play husband and wife in the psychological thriller, which tells the story of Colin’s surgeon character who is forced to make an unthinkable sacrifice when his life starts to fall apart.

There are several intimate scenes between Colin and Nicole in the film, but as movie veterans, the duo are well versed in how to deal with shooting such footage.

“You get through (those scenes) as quickly as you can, while not rushing it at the same time. It’s very much business,” Colin told Entertainment Tonight. “You’re there to tell a story. You’re there to honor the characters that have been written by somebody else and whose voice you are now beginning to adapt to yourself. You hear, ‘Cut,’ and everyone looks away, and you make sure that the person you’re working with has cover.”

The respect appears to be mutual, as Nicole added: “I think from the minute (Colin and I) met, I just felt safe, which is always a great place to be with another actor.”

Nicole has certainly starred in her fair share of sex scenes over the years. However, she always makes sure that such scenes are important for the story, rather than just gratuitous lovemaking.

“As soon as I take myself out of the equation, it’s just the storytelling,” she said. “These particular scenes are very much needed for the relationship. They say so much.”

While seeing his wife getting intimate with another man on screen could lead to some jealousy on Nicole’s husband Keith Urban’s part, the Australian actress insisted her singer spouse is a big fan of her latest project.

Keith saw it in Cannes, and he flipped out,” she smiled. “He was completely entranced.”