Nicole Kidman ‘astounded’ at harsh judging of actresses’ looks


Nicole Kidman is astounded by how much women in Hollywood are still judged by their looks.

The Australian star’s new movie, Destroyer, features her playing an older and younger version of her character, Los Angeles Police Detective Erin Bell and several reviewers have focused on her unglamorous transformation to play older Erin.

Although Nicole has been a star for more than three decades, the Oscar-winner says she’s still shocked by the focus on her appearance rather than her performances.

“I’m always astounded at the harsh way in which women are judged, and I shouldn’t be. I should know that by now, but it is what it is,” the 51-year-old tells The Guardian.

However, Nicole hopes that times are changing and that the next generation of women will have better experiences in the entertainment industry.

“Maybe in 20 years time, for the next generation of women, it will be different but by god, I want to be one of those women who’s helping carve a path for the next generation, because I’m the recipient of those that have come before me to even be in this position,” she explains.

“We didn’t get to work 25 years ago, women were pretty much cast out by now, and that’s abominable. But that’s in any work force, and those trends are changing, thank god, but we have to keep the conversation moving forward.”

Nicole has been doing her bit to boost female representation by co-producing the U.S. TV series Big Little Lies with Reese Witherspoon. The show, which has been greenlit for a second season, features an all-star cast led by Nicole, Reese, Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, Laura Dern, with Meryl Streep joining for the new season.

The Aussie actress and producer is in awe of Meryl in particular, due to her professionalism and ability to juggle her home and work life.

She gushes: “I said to her: ‘Good god Meryl, you’ve managed to raise all those children, you’ve still got your husband and your marriage and your work’ – and she’s just had a grandchild … I’m just like, you’re a wow woman.'”