Nicole Kidman has had “surreal” year

Dealing with the heartbreak of her failed marriage to Tom Cruise, losing a baby in a miscarriage and keeping stalkers at bay, Nicole Kidman has seen better times.

The actress told Britain’s Sunday Express, “In the weirdest way, it has opened me up. I have carried the thought with me that whatever happens in the future, it won’t get much worse than this.”

Kidman‘s professional career, however, had a spectacular run last year. She won a Golden Globe for her performance as a doomed courtesan in the lavish musical Moulin Rouge, received critical praise for her work in The Others and Birthday Girl, and recorded a hit single with British pop star Robbie Williams.

“I have had my life turned over. I am dinner-party gossip. I get looked at and talked about. I get embarrassed, but I throw it aside and try not to be. My whole life has been spent trying to push through and beat such things,” Kidman told the paper.